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Dayold Chickens Namibia

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Broiler production introduction

Broilers are chickens that are specifically bred and raised for their meat. The goal for any broiler farmer is to successfully raise a day old chick to a market-ready chicken in the shortest amount of time. Within this period the birds will likely meet many challenges that will inhibit their growth and affect their production. This is why broiler production systems require management to have high levels of responsiveness and availability of information.

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Grow them yourself


The broiler feeding process is aimed at making sure that the bird, being raised for meat, attains the desired weight at the time of slaughter. To attain this, the correct feeding schedule must be followed, day by day, week by week.
Failure to do this will lead to an increase in the duration the farmer keeps the broilers, meaning more costs. This could lead to losses because the broiler meat market will not make up for the extra cost the farmer incurred. This is because, in most markets, broilers are sold according to weight and the price set by the market dynamics of demand and supply. In some markets, the prices are usually fixed.

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